MGM Contracting Inc. provides quality, complete mold remediation services. We have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure successful recovery of your property. When the unexpected occurs at your business, from a pin hole leak to a large water main burst, MGM’s quick response can minimize the damage and the frustration. Even the smallest of leaks can become a serious mold problem. Mold can spread throughout your property in a matter of 72 hours. MGM Contracting Inc. are the industry experts and will take the immediate and proper action.

Steps To Recovery

Immediate Response
MGM Contracting Inc. are the industry experts and will take the immediate and proper action.
MGM’s trained experts know how important this process is. Improper assessment can lead to recovery issues, long term and serious structural and environmental problems. Getting the proper Documentation and pictures are crucial in this first step.
Drying the Structure
Our experts are trained to locate hidden water that gets trapped in very unlikely places. Undetected this can quickly become a future problem. All wet materials are identified through a moisture mapping process.
This removes moisture from the air to prevent secondary water damage from condensing.
Measurement and Mapping
Our experts carefully measure moisture content and extent of water damage with thermal technology. Detection, monetarization, and documentation are necessary on a daily basis until drying standards are met.
Property Contents
We use a computer inventory and photo documentation system to keep an accurate inventory of your possessions. Costing and tracking to guarantee your possessions are in good hands.
Mold Identification
Our trained experts use state of the art equipment to identify mold in the most unusual spots.
Refined Demolition
MGM Contracting Inc. will assist design and insurance companies to determine the most efficient restoration and reconstruction process. Total or refined demolition may be necessary to remove the contaminated material.
Reconstruction follows immediately after the event or loss. Services provided in conjunction with emergency response are necessary to accelerate the recovery process.